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Checked into my hotel and took the Tube into London despite my epic jet lag driving me to just have a sleep in the massive bed they gave me.

But oh my this city is amazing! Picked up an Oyster card so that I could just take the Tube all over the place for a slightly cheaper price. I’m still feeling super ripped off compared to Sydney though. One trip in Zones 1-2 costs £2.40 (or about AUD4) which is SUPER expensive. And people say that Sydney costs a lot of money.

First things first, I went straight to West End to see if I could get into any musicals, unfortunately I was too late for the matinee show and I would have been way too tired for the night time show so I just ended up wandering around Covent Garden and Leicester Square all afternoon just taking it all in. Many of the typical London attractions are so close together they were easy to see: The London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben… you get the idea.

Busking in Leicester Square

Busking in Leicester Square


Took me a while to figure out how this worked but it's so easy once you know

Took me a while to figure out how this worked but it’s so easy once you know


View along the Thames

View along the Thames


So there you go, I headed back to the hotel early cause tomorrow. PARIS!

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